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Biomechanics Level 1

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Welcome to the I.E. Biomechanics online program! This program is designed to coincide with your one-on-one training to apply what you learn in a home or gym setting. If you are not scheduling one-on-one sessions (?what are you waiting for?), you can still benefit from performing these exercises on your own. Then you can schedule a group class to show your skills and also receive some pointers and adjustments from your instructor. New movements are added every month! The course is self-paced so you are in control of when you workout, how long you workout and the way you workout (reps/sets/circuit/hiit). You can also pick and choose what exercises you want to do for the day. Perform them all or mix and match. The recommended minimum is to do two workouts per week. The Biomechanics Level 1 Series is comprised of basic movements that make up the foundations of functional training. Once you have mastered these movements and retain the concepts of the connections and tensions, you will be granted access to Level 2. ***Recommendations for workouts*** - Train outdoors whenever possible. Maximum sunlight for maximum health benefits. - When you are unable to workout, get outside and do something! - Focus on your form and your muscle connections! - It is advisable to perform your MFR in the evening before bedtime. No static stretching! - No electronics 2 hours before bedtime - Drink plenty of water! (1 gallon/day is optimal)

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