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Live Pain Free, Move Like an Elite Human



Getting "in shape" should not be the goal of fitness and working out, it should be a byproduct. "Functional Fitness" has become very diluted within the industry. The goal at I.E. Biomechanics is to create elite human movement while eliminating chronic pain. This is done through posture development, gait assessments, anatomy-based training, and myofascial recovery. As Biomechanics practitioners, we focus on training as our bodies were intended to as a whole respecting it's anatomy, natural movement, and potential. Whether you are suffering from chronic ailments or if you're a professional athlete, this training is for you. Losing weight, building muscle, and looking and feeling great are simply byproducts of putting in this type of work. Just one session will show you what you've been missing out on.


We are not a traditional gym. Our work is aimed at identifying your dysfunctions, addressing them, and reintegrating your body to work as one to get you moving, looking, and feeling better than ever. We do not utilize "traditional" methods. We utilize methods that are designed to work with how your body was designed. We incorporate full-body, low-impact, lightweight resistance training that can be scaled to your performance level. 

We are by appointment only and that starts with your Initial Assessment







This is the mandatory first step towards your journey towards optimal fitness. Here, we go over your history, concerns and goals. Then we educate you on biomechanics and how you can apply it. We then analyze your posture and assess your gait cycle. This will identify your dysfunctions and we begin corrective exercises to bring you back to where nature intended you: A pain-free human being. This is not the goal, it's the beginning.

Once we have identified and begun addressing your dysfunctions and goals, here is where we fine-tune your progress with corrective exercises, dynamic workouts and ballistic movements. Every workout is tailored to you and your goals. Want to run faster? We got you. Want to swing a bat or club better? We got you. Want to excel at your favorite sport without pain and for longer periods of time? We got you! Based on what your needs and wants are and how committed you are, the next step is to figure out which membership option is best suited to optimize your fitness goals.

Just like how everyone is built differently, not everyone has the same needs or goals. That is why we setup a wide range of programs to fit anyone's needs. Want personal training exclusively? Group Classes only? Or a mixture of both? We have something for everyone. Still undecided? A la carte options are always available.


Hear What Others Have to Say

I'm grateful for having met Mike. He taught me how to eliminate my issues with my feet and also the correct way to exercise and optimize my training. I'm back to running marathons and feeling great!


This program kicked my butt! I used to switch back and forth with different programs but this is it! I finally found what I was looking for to help me achieve my optimum fitness goals. The training is like no other. I'm moving and feeling (and looking) better than ever.


The I.E. Biomechanics program was exactly what I needed at the right time. I had put on lots of weight, had very little energy, a limited schedule and not much drive. I decided to try I.E. Biomechanics to turn things around. Mike designed a program to fit my needs and schedule. Mike really tailored the program to give me what I needed at the right time. For me it wasn’t necessarily the number on the scale, but to feel better, have more energy and fit into my clothes better. He helped me to do all of those. If you want to feel better and have your body function better along with other health benefits, I highly recommend I.E. Biomechanics!


I threw my back out at work and was laid up for a few days. I decided to give I.E. Biomechanics a try. In just one session, they completely fixed my lower back issue! I was standing upright and was able to go back to work. Nothing has worked this well in everything I have tried in the past. I was amazed.


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